Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Briefly explain the main themes in Surah Al-Nas and explain their importance in a Muslim's life.

Main Themes:
This surah teaches us to seek Allah's refuge from the mischief of the whisperers. We can incline to the erring suggestions of a man as well as to the secret whispers of evil within our hearts. Allah being the Sustainer, King and Deity of all mankind has complete control and authority on His creatures and can fully protect us from ill temptations arising into our hearts. Against repeated devilish attempts, a man should follow the Quranic instruction, "and on God let the believers put their trust" (9: 51).

Importance in a Muslim's life:
This surah in combination with Surah Al-Falaq provides protection to a believer against all external and internal potential dangers. When a Muslim struggles for a noble cause, a number of people in the society normally turn against him. The devils would whisper evil intentions in hearts of wrongdoers against him. This surah will provide him refuge before their desires culminate into evil actions. When a person comes forward for the welfare of community or for preaching moral virtues, evil thoughts frighten him by bringing a picture of troubles and obstructions in front of him. Similarly, internal feelings of a person can influence his judgement, selection or decision. Satan tells a person that committing small sins is not a serious issue, and stops him if he wants to raise voice against the social evils by saying that it is not alone your job. Surah Al-Nas is a shield for him against such hidden evils.

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