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Briefly explain the main themes in Ayat-ul-Kursi (2:255). Briefly explain the importance of these themes in a Muslim's life today.

This verse of Surah Al-Baqarah is known as Ayat-ul-Kursi meaning the verse of the Throne. The main themes here are the Oneness of Allah and that supreme power and authority belong to Him. He is the exclusive master of the heavens and the earth. He has no partner in His Attributes. He is Ever-Living, Supporter of the entire universe and All-Knowing. He is free from weaknesses or limitations that ordinary lives have and He alone is worthy of worship. None of His creatures can intercede in His affairs of the Kingdom. Oneness of Allah is the most important subject of Holy Quran. This conception is presented with different styles at different places in the Quran e.g. Surah Al-Ikhlas describes the Oneness of God in terms of His absolute Existence i.e. He is alone and has neither father nor any children; He is present from the beginning and will stay for ever.

Importance in Muslim's Life:
Belief in Oneness of Allah protects a Muslim from shirk. If a Muslim is not a true believer i.e. his life is not free from shirk, he will not be rewarded paradise in the Hereafter. Muslims are bound not to associate any partner with Allah in His Existence, Attributes or Worship otherwise they will commit shirk which is such a heinous crime that Allah never forgives. It is the greatest of all sins.

When a Muslim believes that his Allah is watching him all the time, he will stop from committing worldly crimes like theft, robbery, drinking, usury and bribery etc. He will refrain from all kinds of moral and social evils.

When a Muslim believes that it is only Allah Who has unlimited powers and authority, he will not seek help from other deities. He will obtain spiritual purity and dignity by bowing down only before God. Instead of asking the so called holy men or attending shrines for the solution of his troubles, he will supplicate only to the real source, the Almighty Allah.

This verse also refutes the notion that on the Day of Judgement, prophets, saints and angels shall wield influence and force Allah to pardon their followers. No intercession will be granted except with the permission of Allah.


  1. nice plz add major teachings as well

  2. nice plz add major teachings as well

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  4. Tell in short so we can only write 12 lines as CIE rule
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  5. Tell in short so we can only write 12 lines as CIE rule
    And should be easy words

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